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Kentucky is experiencing a growing epidemic of illegal drugs, particularly prescription medication and methamphetamine. As a result, state and federal prosecutors are taking drug charges especially seriously. Even minor charges, such as possession or paraphernalia charges, can carry lengthy jail sentences.

If you are being charged with a drug related offense, you may be facing felony or misdemeanor charges. Possession charges are often misdemeanors, depending on the type and amount of the drug involved. Trafficking and distribution charges are almost always felonies in Kentucky. Successful defense of these charges often involves additional steps before your case is sent to a grand jury for indictment.

Whether defending against felony or misdemeanor charges, successful outcomes require knowledge of all your options and rights. The police investigation, search, arrest and evidence handling must be held to scrutiny. Only a defense attorney with detailed experience in criminal procedure can offer aggressive defense against serious drug charges.
Act Now!
The Prosecution is Busy Preparing Its Case Against You

The sooner we begin to prepare your defense, the greater your chance for a positive outcome. We represent defendants in pre-trial investigations, arraignment proceedings, trial, and sentencing.

People who have been recently arrested need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. The most urgent priority is often getting a lawyer to help arrange release and provide some information about what’s to come in the days ahead. When faced with charges, trying to find the right lawyer, quickly, may feel overwhelming.
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