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Expungement Attorneys

An Expungement of your record results in the sealing of all records on file with any law enforcement agency or corrections facility. The records subject to expungement include complaints, warrants, arrests reports, commitments, and criminal history records.

Criminal “Expungement” involves going to court to ask a Judge to seal your records. When a record is sealed, it does not show up in a criminal background check. However, the sealed record is not destroyed. The police, immigration authorities, and other public officials may still see sealed court files for certain purposes.

Why Expungement?

Your record is not automatically cleared or expunged with the passage of time. Even if you were never found guilty, an arrest record will still exist unless you move to expunge it. A person who has been granted an expungement can, with a few exceptions, respond that he or she has no conviction when asked a question about having a criminal record.

Can My Charges Be Expunged?

Some types of arrests and convictions require specific waiting period. Additionally some offenses cannot be expunged. To determine whether your record can be expunged, seek the advice of an attorney who is knowledgeable about Kentucky expungement guidelines and requirements.

Felony Expungement

At the present time, felony convictions cannot be expunged in Kentucky. Removing a felony conviction from your record requires a pardon from the Governor. However, felony charges may be expunged from your record if you were never convicted, or if the charge was amended to a misdemeanor. This may be necessary for employers that require a thorough background check.
Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyers

Defense attorney Hugh Barrow proudly helps clients throughout Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Henry and Shelby counties expunge their criminal past. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective results for our clients. Give us a call at (502) 413-2995 or contact us online to learn about how we can help you. At our firm, you will always speak directly to your attorney.
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Louisville DUI Lawyers

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