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Parole and Probation Violation Lawyers

The Kentucky probation system affords those convicted of a crime with the opportunity to avoid serving long sentences. However, those on probation often do not understand every term and requirement of their probation. Consequently, persons on parole may violate these terms without intending to do so. Moreover, seemingly minor mistakes may trigger the revocation process.


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Common Violations

In many cases, steps can be taken to a violation from resulting in a hearing. When faced with a possible probation violation, time is of the essence. Common causes of probation violations include:

Committing a Crime : Not committing any further crimes is mandatory during probation. Conviction for a new crime will be a probation violation.

Being Arrested : Regardless of whether someone on probation is charged with a crime, if he or she is arrested during probation, it will probably be considered a probation violation.

Failure to Appear in Court : Court appearances are often a condition of probation. If the defendant doesn’t appear, a judge may consider it a probation violation.

Failure to Report to an Officer : A defendant’s probation may require him or her to report to a probation officer at scheduled times. Failure to report may result in a probation violation.

Prohibited Contact : Probation often includes prohibiting the defendant from visiting certain places or people. If the defendant breaks these rules, it’s a probation violation.

Failure to Comply with Services: Rehabilitation or community service may be part of a defendant’s probation. Failure to attend or complete these services will result in a violation.

Failure to Pay a Fine or Restitution: If a fine is imposed, it must be paid. Similarly, all ordered restitution payments must be made on time.

Possession of Prohibited Substances : Possession of weapons or drugs may be a probation violation.

Your Best Defense: Aggressive Criminal Attorneys

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