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Louisville Speeding Ticket Lawyers

At Barrow Law Group, we represent people facing serious criminal charges. Our law firm handles cases in Louisville, and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We represent clients accused of crimes ranging from DUI to drug trafficking, in state and federal courts.

Having an aggressive criminal defense attorney defending your case can make all the difference. Our experience means that you’ll have access to the best knowledge and an informed, experienced criminal defense lawyer working for you. Our defense attorneys offer aggressive representation to each and every client.


OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE – to provide you with experienced criminal defense. We know that when you are facing criminal charges, you face fines, loss of license or loss of your freedom. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime and needs honest and straight forward legal advice concerning your case, call our Louisville, Kentucky office at (502) 413-2995.

Your Best Defense: Aggressive Criminal Attorneys

Whether you’re facing a first time DUI, or you have multiple felony convictions, your case is too important not to get the best legal assistance you can find. Our attorneys know our clients are worried about losing their license, their employment, or even their freedom. We know that when this happens people need quick and clear answers to their legal questions. We also often arrange for a bail bond to be posted, or fight for a bail reduction to release your loved one, so that we can defend the case with the client free while we work to defend the case.

Our speeding ticket defense attorneys do much more than simply plea bargain or question witnesses in court. Our attorneys:

Provide our clients with a reality check, an objective perspective on their situation and what is likely to happen if their cases go to trial. This perspective is vital for defendants trying to decide whether to accept a plea bargain offered by the prosecutor.
Are familiar with important legal rules because many criminal law rules are hidden away in court interpretations of federal and state constitutions.
Are knowledgeable of local court practice and procedures that are vital to effective representation but aren’t written down anywhere.
Understand the consequences of simply pleading guilty.
Spend crucial time defending each client’s case.

Our criminal lawyers have earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and police officers as aggressive, knowledgeable attorneys who are not afraid to tackle tough cases.
Act Now!
The Prosecution is Busy Preparing Its Case Against You

The sooner we begin to prepare your defense, the greater your chance for a positive outcome. We represent defendants in pre-trial investigations, arraignment proceedings, trial, and sentencing.

People who have been recently arrested need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. The most urgent priority is often getting a lawyer to help arrange release and provide some information about what’s to come in the days ahead. When faced with charges, trying to find the right lawyer, quickly, may feel overwhelming.
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Louisville DUI Lawyers

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